I have been playing guitar since 1977 when I got an el Degas Les Paul copy (I still have it). I joined the local band ORB, featuring guitarist Phil Redfern, bassist Doug Ivey and drummer Jason LeMessurier, in 1979. We wrote lots of tunes but, as we had no singer, not many of them had lyrics.

I did manage to get the time to digitize some recordings we made in 1979 - 1982. A couple of them have vocals but, because of the incredibly high volume we played at and the little mono tape recorder we shoved into a cushion to dampen some of the noise, they are a bit hard to hear.

As luck would have it, we recently moved into a new neighbourhood and there are loads of musicians around. I've acquired a few more pieces of equipment to assist in coming up with the next great tune.


         The Electrics

         The Acoustics

         The Amplifiers

         The Recording Gear

         The Live Rig

         1968 Gibson B-45N

         1976 el Degas Les Paul Custom Copy

         1977 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe

         1989 Fender Stratocaster (Japanese)

         1993 Gibson Les Paul Standard

         2001 Gibson EDS-1275

         2002 Epiphone EJ-200

         2003 Gibson Les Paul Special Faded Double-Cut

         2003 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop R7 1957 Custom Historic

         2005 Rodriguez C3F Flamenco

         2005 Epiphone EB-0 Short Scale Bass

         2006 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1957 Reissue

         2007 Gibson Les Paul Special Faded Double-Cut

         2007 Gibson SG Les Paul Custom Reissue

         2008 Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500ME

         2009 Epiphone Square-neck Dobro

         2009 Fender American Special Telecaster

         2009 Ibanez S670PB

         2010 Gibson ES-339

         2011 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1954 Reissue

         Marshall DSL15H

         Marshall Class 5

         Orange Micro-Terror

         Traynor YCV50 Blue

         Traynor YCV40W

         Traynor Dark Horse 15

         Line6 SpiderJam



Speaking of the next great tune, one of my neighbours, Rob Prowse, and I put together a demo CD of some tunes we wrote. Click on this link to go to the Song page. I have some of the tunes available for listening in MP3 format. If you like what you hear, let me know. If not… never mind. J


I’m also working now with Nicky Peddle. Fantastic singer and pretty good songwriter. Check out her page at www.nickypearson.com.

She got married, hence the name change J


The Songwriters Page



After all these years, I finally got motorcycle fever. When we moved into this neighbourhood, I found that a lot of my buddies had bikes and it wasn’t good to watch them ride off and be stuck here so I heard an ad for a training course and took it. The rest is history.

This is my 1998 Honda Shadow VT750 ACE. I got it in 2005 and put a few miles on it. I just sold it in May 2009. It served me well.


This is my new 2009 Harley Davidson FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic. I got a tour pack for it so I can go on road trips. Words can’t describe the joy of going down the road on this baby.



My callsign is VO1HE. I also hold the VO2HE callsign for operation in Labrador.

I have been involved with amateur radio since 1990. I took the course offered at the Trades College, now College of the North Atlantic, under Art Rockwood in the fall of 1990 and achieved my Advanced + 12wpm classification in February 1991.



         Yaesu FT-1000 MP Field

         Heathkit SB-220 2kW Linear Amplifier #1

         Heathkit SB-220 2kW Linear Amplifier #2 (Rebuilt)

         Heathkit HM-2140 Power/SWR Meter

         SteppIR 3 Element Beam

         Vibroplex "Bug" CW Key

         Vibroplex VibroKeyer

         VO1CLT Keyer

         Speedex Straight Key

         MicroHam MicroKeyer

         AEA PK-232MBX Multi-mode TNC

         Canadian Marconi Marcom VI UHF transceiver

         Yeasu FT-470 VHF/UHF hand held transceiver

         Kantronics KPC-9612 1200/9600 baud packet TNC

         Kantronics KPC-3 1200 baud packet TNC

         Comet GP-3 VHF/UHF vertical antenna

My Amateur Radio History

I've been quite fortunate in my amateur radio career. In 1995 I became President of SONRA, the Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs and continued on for three consecutive terms. In September of 1996, we were honoured with a visit by Prince Guglielmo Giovannelli Marconi, grand-son of Guglielmo Marconi. He was in town to film a documentary with the BBC. Click on the tab below to see us shown at the VO1AA Cabot Tower Marconi Commemorative station, roughly 100 yards from where his grandfather received the first transatlantic signal in 1901.

In 1997, Newfoundland celebrated the 500th anniversary of John Cabot's Voyage of Discovery. On June 25 of that year, I, along with Dan Goodwin VO1MX, had the occasion to welcome Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Cabot Tower and assist her in making an amateur contact between our station, VO500JC and GB500JC, an amateur station operated by Martyn Phillips in Bristol, UK, the port from which John Cabot set sail in 1497. This contact marked the first time a reigning British monarch had ever used amateur radio. Click on the button below to view a video capture of the historic event.

From June 26 to July 4, 1999, we set up a station to attempt another transatlantic contact, this time a 2 way contact using the 144MHz band. This has never been done so the Irish Radio Transmitter Society is sponsoring a trophy, the Brendan Trophy, which will be presented to the first 2 stations to make a verified 144 MHz contact without using artificial or moon reflection communications. Together with a team led by Bill GM0ICF, we gave it a try but, because of many factors, not the least of which was our lack of power and ERP, we failed on this attempt. We are working on another try, using what we learned this year, and hope to have better luck. Click the button for a view of our station, located at the appropriate site of Cabot Tower.


Yet another expensive hobby, I got involved with amateur astronomy a few years ago. I don’t get a chance to participate in this hobby too often because the sky is not usually clear at night but I’m a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada anyway. That lets me keep up on things astronomical.


         Meade 2080B 8 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope

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